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Psychodynamic Counselling & Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

About Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Counselling
6-12 sessions (time limited)
Fee: Individual £85/hr, Couples £120 at the Borough/London Bridge/Southwark Practice
Individual £85/hr, Couples £120 at the Willen, Buckinghamshire Practice
Online - £85/hr Individuals and £120/hr Couples

Depending on your current issues, and your anticipated time commitment to therapy, I offer either open ended or time limited work, which is typically 6-12 sessions. Using a psychoanalytic approach, psychodynamic counselling helps you to work on a particular issue, giving you the space to share your experiences, explore your fears, conflicts, wishes, and anxieties, in a safe space, where you are neither judged nor ridiculed.
Psychodynamic counselling pays attention to the early life experiences, and how they could be influencing your present day situation-behaviours, ways of relating, thought processes, and sense of self. Although not directly a solution focused approach, psychodynamic counselling offers you the support, emotional containment, insight, and enhances your explorative abilities which inevitably help you to problem solve.

As a psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist, I use analytic skills to bring the unconscious motives to consciousness, making interpretative links between the past and the present. Gaining insight into the nature, and the origins of these repetitive patterns is helpful to you, as it enables you to be more in tune with deeper parts of yourself, and be more in control of your self, behaviors, and decisions. Although we set a 12 week time frame, we can extend your time in therapy depending on how we experience the process. We may also make the decision to go into open ended and more analytic psychodynamic psychotherapy work.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Open ended
Fee: Individual £85/hr, Couples £120 at the Borough/London Bridge/Southwark Practice
Individual £85/hr, Couples £120/hr at the Willen, Buckinghamshire location
Online- £85/hr Individuals and £120/hr Couples

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a deeper way of working, aimed at exploring unconscious conflicts, thereby creating an understanding of our internal world, which motivates our thoughts, behaviours, ways of relating, and shapes our personality. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is underpinned by psychoanalytic theories which are grounded in the principle that our early life experiences shape our sense of self, how we relate to others, and make sense of the world around us, with a big part of it happening outside our consciousness. Psychodynamic work is particularly helpful to understand yourself on a deeper level as a whole person-understand the source of your difficulties, and gain clarity. Psychodynamic psychotherapy could be described as a “journey of self-discovery” where we try and map out how your early life experiences informs who you are in adulthood. Some of the "traumas" or adverse childhood experiences may not be consciously remembered but manifest in, for example, feelings of emptiness, poor self-esteem, inability to build meaningful relationships, being stuck in negative patterns of behaviours, addictions as a way of numbing emotions, depression, anxiety, guilt, deep sense of sadness, lack of self belief, shame, and other intolerable states of mind. Psychodynamic psychotherapy creates a deep relationship with the psychotherapist, in which worries, concerns and deep fears can be privately explored and better understood. In this form of therapy, I offer a confidential, safe space, where you feel emotionally contained to explore your deepest fears, conflicts, and worries with the aim of you building up your internal resources, understand yourself better, and develop a sense of agency over yourself. I have a particular interest in working with people who had adverse childhood experiences (childhood trauma) not limited to abuse (physical, emotional, sexual neglect), parental separation/divorce, loss of home through house move/s or immigration and parental death.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you'd like to book an initial session. You can call me on 07960 462532 or email me via the contact form.

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