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About CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
6-12 sessions
Fee: Individual £85/hr at the Borough/London Bridge/Southwark Practice

CBT is helpful if you are experiencing present day distress, which maybe affecting your functioning and/or disabling your abilities in your every day life. CBT helps you with pragmatic ways of combating the distress and adapt new ways of approaching distressing situations. CBT enables you to be more reflective on how your thoughts (cognitions) affect your emotions, your behaviors, as well as the physiological responses (bodily sensations) when you are feeling vulnerable or in stressful situations. Apart from equipping you with cognitive change techniques, CBT is highly psycho educative and incorporates a behavioral approach which addresses ways of changing some of the unhelpful behaviors that you might be repeating, which maintains the negative cycle you may be stuck in. Due to the timeliness and goal oriented approach of CBT, you may be required to do some practical tasks outside our sessions, depending on your presenting issue. CBT is highly collaborative and successful if you commit fully to the process, and do any “homework” set on the weekly agenda. CBT helps you gain some structure and practical ways of dealing with difficult feelings and equips you with tools you can use in everyday life, even after you have finished therapy. CBT is mainly suitable if you want rapid alleviation of your symptoms, not seeking to understand them on a deeper level. A useful analogy for CBT is "trimming the grass at the top", while psychodynamic psychotherapy which I also practice is akin to "looking inwardly at the structure of the grass, its roots, what's feeding it, how it emerged from the ground, and make attempts to uproot it". This explains why CBT is short term, while psychodynamic psychotherapy is longer term work.

Consultation-One off sessions
Fee: £120/hr Borough/London Bridge/Southwark Practice and Willen, Buckinghamshire location

I offer one off coaching or consultative sessions if you are unable to commit to short term or ongoing therapy. These sessions maybe focused on a specific issue you may be struggling with or more generic, allowing you space and time to ventilate in the presence of a listening and non judgmental other.

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