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Couples Therapy

My Approach

I work with couples of any gender, sexual orientation, and coupledoms, who may be experiencing difficulties and seeking help to navigate them.
My work draws on a range of theoretical principles in couples therapy, mainly the Bader-Pearson model which stems from Psychoanalyst Margaret Mahler's child development model, Bowlby's attachment theories, as well as the PAIRS approach.

The work helps us identify where the couple may be stuck in the trajectory of the development of their relationship, and enables them to navigate through the different stages of their relationship in a safe and constructive manner. The work also enables the couple to contain any conflict that may lead to unconscious reenactment of past trauma in their current relationship. The reflections on one's behavior including elements of co-dependency, and passive aggression, which is often very problematic, can help the couple repair any raptures, and nurture positive aspects of their relationship, as well as find healthier, and constructive ways of dealing with conflict. I use psycho-education, and skills training in my work with couples particularly around communication and conflict resolution. This integrative way of working help couples develop healthier ways of communicating, become emotionally literate, learn healthier ways of conflict resolution, learn problem solving skills, as well as learn other behaviors that helps sustain healthy relationships. This work is enriching to couples who may be experiencing some difficulties and keen to nurture and restore their relationship, but struggling to do so on their own.

Despite having couples' therapy training embedded in my psychotherapy training, I undertook additional training in couples therapy, in order to enhance my knowledge base, skills, and capacity to help my clients. Couples work is very unique, and incomparable to individual work. It is therefore hugely significant that the therapist has confidence in their skills, and able to provide their clients a therapeutic service. Without this level of skill, knowledge, competence, and robustness, couples therapy can be adversarial and lead to negative outcomes on the relationship. I am an accredited Relationship Therapist via the NCS (COSRT).

Couples Therapy sessions are once weekly 50-60 minutes
Couples Therapy sessions are typically 10-14 or open ended. The duration is dependent on the presenting issues
Sessions are charged at £120 per 50-60 minute hour

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you'd like to book an initial session. You can call me on 07960 462532 or email me via the contact form

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